Weddings and funerals
Her music touches the heart and can fill you with an inner, glowing joy like no other musician.

Performing, composing, arranging, clean family comedy, bringing joy into the grumpiest of hearts.       

Kristine's compositions are her own.


Kristine writes and/or arranges all her handbell scores and also creates the digital orchestrations that she uses for her accompaniments. All of her music features the handbells backed up by a full orchestra, and every single note you hear is her own creation.       

Handbell solo ringing is a fairly rare form of musical expression.  Normally, for 37 handbells there are 11 or 12 people to play them.  This is called a handbell choir.  To ring all these bells all by yourself is not usual.  Kristine’s solo ringing combines her special choreography with handbell “weaving”, a way of handling the handbells so they remain in keyboard order throughout a song.  There are quite a few soloists in the world, but Kristine is one of only a handful of professional soloists in the United States.  She has over 120 songs memorized now, and has produced 8 CDs and a DVD/video presentation called “The Joybell Show”.   

What is solo ringing?

Usually, handbells are played by a handbell choir.


Kristine plays 3 octaves of English handbells (that's 37 bells) all by herself. That number is usually played by a choir of 11 people. She employs handbell "weaving" techniques and her own expressive choreography to produce the most beautiful music you've ever heard or SEEN! Handbell solos are a very visual art.


I'm passionate about giving back to the music community.

About Kristine

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Kristine Stout, handbell soloist

Kristine Stout is a mother of three and grandmother of seven living in Clinton Township, Michigan with her husband Kirt.  Kristine has been playing the piano since she was eight years old, and her mother and grandmother were both piano teachers and church musicians.  She studied music at Central Michigan University and has been playing handbells solo since 1995.   Her husband Kirt was an engineer and surveyor at their former residence (Kalkaska, Michigan), and was general manager at “The Joybell Theater and Gift Shop”, which the two of them owned and operated from 2002 through 2009, and he is now full time business manager for “Joybell”, their traveling handbell business.  Together they travel all over the United States, averaging 60-70 shows per year. Kristine is also a big healthy lifestyle advocate, and is a distributor for a wellness company that is mission driven to bring healing nutrition to the world.


Kristine Stout

Other services

School Assemblies
Kristine provides a 30 minute program for schools that is educational, entertaining, and joyful.

Handbell workshops
Kristine is qualified to teach handbell techniques to beginner and advanced choirs.