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Kristine Stout playing "Nearer".  Available on DVD and CD!  Call 1-800-462-1241 to order!

Health, Joy, and Wellness presentation by Kristine Stout events are posted on our tour schedule! Call today to book one of these special events and add more health, joy, and wellness to your life and the lives of those around you!

Celebrate with JOY!

Joybell is a traveling handbell program based out of Clinton Township, Michigan. Kristine Stout, handbell soloist, and her husband and agent Kirt travel all over the United States with her marvelous handbell solo programs. Joybell does not embrace any one religious doctrine and is a witness to joy. All Kristine's programs, secular and non secular, sparkle with humor, energy, joy, wit, and totally amazing music. Her handbell solos and digital keyboard orchestrations are her own creations, designed for and delivered with joy!  In-Cred-i-bell!

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We don’t limit our shows to southern Michigan only. Kristine also brings her incredible, joyful programs to your church, school, RV park, conference center, hospital, library--wherever you'd like, all over the United States. Call us toll free today to reserve a date, time, and place for your next special occasion!!


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Health, Joy, and Wellness program.  Enjoy lunch and a show with Kristine Stout!  We like to start with a healthy lunch (Kristine can provide you with some really good recipes) and a show by Kristine!  So much of our health problems can be reversed by eating more fruits and vegetables.  But who has time to shop for and prepare all that fresh food every day? Let us share the astounding benefits of whole food nutrition!  100% organic, and absolutely nothing artificial.  Offer your group a free lunch and a show! (Note:  sales of our whole food products and our Joybell CDs and DVDs follow the presentation.)

Kristine's variety show entitled "In-Cred-i-Bell!" includes a variety of music featuring hymns, patriotic music, classical music, and more. Add to that a generous helping of clean humor, and you have an amazing, hilarious hour of joy-filled fun.

Kristine's inspirational show is a visually pleasing, passionately joyous presentation, celebrating the joyful heart.  Kristine does not preach to any particular Christian denomination, but has a joyful message told with Christian hymns to share with all people of all religions.  Her program, “Joy Un-Speak-a-Bell!!” is an experience designed to create lasting delight in your heart.  Joy guaranteed.

Kristine's Christmas programs begin after Thanksgiving.  Her fun-filled, joyful Christmas variety program is called “Joybells to the World!”, and her Christmas Cantata entitled "Comfort and Joybells" is also available for a more sacred mood. Perfect for your Advent Tea, worship service, office Christmas party, School Assembly, Assisted living homes, hospitals, RV parks, and more.

Kristine's Easter Program entitled "The Story of Holy Week" is available year around, but is especially appropriate during the Lenten Season. A 55 minute presentation, "The Story of Holy Week" is a handbell solo that takes you step by step through the amazing last week of the life of Christ. The story is told with no narration and no singing. An extremely meaningful, emotional, passionate program, "The Story of Holy Week" is meant to transport you to Jerusalem and put you personally in the Story. It's great for Wednesday evening services, Lenten Breakfasts, or any special spring time occasion.

Weddings are also one of Kristine's specialties. Choose from her repertoire of Classical music, hymn, and love songs, or have her create a special arrangement for you of your favorite songs. Her special "lounge act" is perfect for the reception, too.

Kristine will also provide very special music for a funeral.  Her extensive repertoire of peace-filled hymns is a beautiful balm to the sorrowing heart.

School Assemblies are another special venue for Kristine. She offers a wonderful 30 minute show for kids that is educational as well as entertaining. Kids and teachers alike will smile all day after her special assembly.

Handbell workshops are offered at a special rate when you book a concert (see our fee schedule page). Kristine has a 3 hour workshop she presents to your choir and guests. Full of helpful handbell instruction, Kristine has a soloist's perspective to offer the director and bell choir, demonstrating technique options, music presentation, as well as traditional handbell ringing styles. Her workshop will leave you smiling as well as well informed!